My father, Evan A. Billings, purchased a piece of the Titus Billings' property in Independence where he built a nice home and there enjoyed discovering historical treasures about our pioneer families.  Decades ago he asked me to research and write the biography of our  Grandpa Titus. 

For many years, after the children and my teacher-husband were back in school, I made a trip to Missouri for Dad's birthday and spent a week or two in the Titus Billings guest room working on this book. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see it in print, at last.  This is a TRUE historical account of  three pioneer families: Titus Billings Isaac Morley, and Edward Tuttle whose lives span church history from Kirtland to Manti.   

~Susan Billings Mitchell 2014

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The Prophet Joseph Smith asked saints who were driven from Jackson County Missouri to write official letters of redress. This recording is Titus Billings' Missouri Claims letter written on 23 May 1839, read by his great-grandson Evan A. Billings 7 August 1996.